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I have grown up using normal chemical products on my body, without giving them a second thought. It was only when I turned 42 that I took a minute and thought about people around me. They were suffering from various ailments like Cancer, Liver disease, Kidney disease. It made me question all the products that were a part of my everyday use. Then I wondered – are the chemicals we put on our body responsible for these illnesses?

Upon conducting further research, I came to find that these well-known body products contain ingredients like aluminum, paragons, triclosan.  Are all linked to Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Bone disease, and several other diseases.
The word Cancer hits a little too close to home. My husband, father, and grandmother have all suffered from this sickness. This disease still affects many of my family and friend’s lives, I knew something had to change.

At the age of 42, I decided it was time to make a switch to natural products. I conducted extensive research, looked for viable products, and finally developed a Natural Deodorant Stick that worked for me. After asking 15 strangers to trial it for a week. The positive results were enough for me to take the next step. So  Marnae Natural Products was given life. We are a small local Perth-based business. All our deodorant sticks are made by hand. We are very proud our product is selling Australia wide.

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Marnae deodorants are aluminum-free, toxin-free, and not tested on animals. They are made with a combination of frankincense, bergamot, patchouli, and other plant extracts known for moisturizing and nourishing your skin. If you’re looking for a switch to natural products and have an experience like mine, then Marnae is definitely the product for you!


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