Why are Natural Products better for the environment?

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With more information than ever available about the impact of mass-produced goods and how they affect our surroundings, switching to natural products can not just be better for the environment, but it is often better for you too.

When you break down the production process, the steps that go into creating something as simple as a skin cream may cause a lot more environmental damage than you’d expect.

Starting with the carbon footprint in sourcing the raw goods, the subsequent processes include having them shipped or freighted to different places, manufactured, assembled, packaged, and more, leading to large quantities of fossil fuels being consumed for a very small product.

Often packages aren’t made from recyclable materials that are biodegradable, and instead, they end up in landfills or dumped into the ocean where they harm thousands of animals and other organic matter over time.

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Why should you switch to natural products?

Switching to natural products doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your beauty regime. Mass-produced beauty products often contain chemicals such as paragons, aluminum, and dioxins to name a few. Many often contain carcinogens, which are known to have cancer-causing properties – ultimately being dangerous for your health and wellbeing. 

They are more eco-friendly -Natural products, on the other hand, are often created by eco-conscious people who adopt new technologies and aim at developing environmentally friendly production processes. This can include plastic-free packaging, buying local produce to reduce air miles and carbon footprint, and adopting no waste policies with biodegradable packaging that can be re-used, or turned into compost.

Natural skincare does not require any animal testing –
Companies are becoming more conscious about the harm they cause and are looking at alternativeness where they can switch to cruelty-free or animal-free products. According to a book written by Charles Hume and W.M.S Russell, animal-free products must fulfill three R’s – similar to the already well-known Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
The first is to reduce the number of animals used in testing, the second is to Replace the animal testing with an aim to eliminate it entirely, and thirdly there exists Refinement, where if in any case the testing is to be conducted, it should be as painless and least disruptive as possible.

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Less toxic and commercial waste –
An important reason for environmentally friendly companies to move towards natural or organic products is to prevent harsh chemicals from being released into the environment. Natural products are easily compostable and can be used as organic matter or decompose over a shorter period of time. They are created in smart factories, with little to no commercial waste, and are often toxin-free. 

If you’re looking to make the switch to natural products, why not take a step towards something new and try Marne Natural Products?
You can support local businesses and do your part in taking care of the planet, moving towards a better environment and a better you.

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